520 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004
A Unique, Intimate, Multi-Use Venue in the Heart of L.A.’s Koreatown

Want to know what’s happening at studio/stage?  

Want to know what’s happening at studio/stage?  

A user-friendly, affordable rehearsal space and versatile theater rental in Los Angeles’ up-and-coming Koreatown. Designed to exceed your creative needs, this unique, dynamic visual space is a popular white cyc studio in Los Angeles’ filmmaking and photography communities.

studio/stage is suitable for a wide array of events, accommodating everything from live theatre productions to podcast recordings to headshot sessions, and more.


Whatever you need room for, we’ve got the room for you.

We’re a  venue!



the stage

Our 45-seat performance space, a former photographer’s cyclorama transformed into a stage

  • 30′ wide by 18′ deep stage
  • 14′ from stage to ceiling (12′ to grid)
  • Unfixed seating allows for flexible house configuration.
  • 14′ tall elephant door leads from parking lot to the stage
  • 12′ tall curtains available to black-box the space (reduces playing area to 24′ by 18′)
  • Four 4′ by 8′ rolling flats, Six 18″ by 18″ stage boxes, Two 2′ by 2′ stage boxes

Want to pre-visualize your set for your upcoming theater rental? Need to imagine what our rehearsal space looks like, or wondering if your Hollywood Fringe show will fit in studio/stage? Download our 3D rendering of The Stage, viewable in SketchUp!

the stage – 3D rendering

suitable for: live performance, photo shoots, fashion shows and shoots, on-location film shoots, music video shoots, classes, parties, events, fundraisers, showcases, screenings, art openings, casting sessions, rehearsals, readings, recitals, religious services, and more.

the studio

Our multi-use front room

  • 20′ deep by 10′ wide room
  • 14′ ceiling with track lighting
  • Rolling corner bar/box office
  • Built-in framed chalkboard surfaces for artists and audiences alike to enjoy

suitable for: small table reads, auditions, cocktail hour, lobby, pre-show concessions, intimate mixers, post-show revels, self-tapes, natural light photography & filming

common areas

Beyond our main rooms, studio/stage boasts a handful of other ancillary rooms. Use of these additional spaces is included in all rental packages.

Dressing Room #1 (Red)

  • Two Makeup Stations
  • Makeup Mirror w/ Lighting
  • 2 Rolling Costume Racks

Dressing Room #2 (Green)

  • Two Mirrors
  • Cubbyhole Shelving for cast & crew storage
  • Private bathroom
  • 2 Rolling Costume Racks


  • Refrigerator
  • Oven w/ 4-burner gas stovetop
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishes, Silverware, Glasses, and Mugs
  • Extensive Cabinet Space
  • Large Garbage Can

On-Site Storage Area

  • 6′ wide x 8′ deep x 6.5′ tall
parking lot

studio/stage shares a gated parking lot immediately to the rear of the building, boasting a dozen spaces. Perfect for small casts and crews to use, or to generously provide to a tardy VIP.

marketing space

Let the world know about your event! Post banners in our front windows! Use of our front windows to hang banners is included in all non-Fringe production rentals.

The Windows

  • 2′ wide by 6′ tall display windows flanking the main entrance
  • Perfect for large vertical-oriented banners
lighting equipment

studio/stage boasts a dozen brand-new high-end LED instruments, as well as a host of traditional incandescent fixtures.

Shop List

  • Twelve Blizzard LB-Par Hex RGBAW+UV LEDs
  • Eight Source Four pars (525w lamps)
  • Six 50 degree Source Four lekos (750w lamps)
  • Twelve 50 degree Colortran lekos (1k lamps)
  • Five variable focal length Colortran lekos (1k lamps)
  • Six Strand Iris 1-Cell Cyc Light (1k lamps)
  • Colortran ENR 96 Dimmer Rack with thirty-six 2.4k dimmers
  • ETC Nomad Board on a dedicated iMac

Need to get a head start on the lighting design in our space? Want to see what we have to shine on our white cyc? Download a copy of our lighting plot for the ETC Nomad, and our lighting patch spreadsheet. studio/stage ETC patch sheet and light plot

sound equipment

studio/stage comes fully equipped with surround-sound stereo and a wireless PA system. Whether you’re looking to host a spoken word poetry jam or Goth-Industrial karaoke, we’ll make you sound great.


  • 6.1. surround sound system
  • Dedicated iMac with full QLab Sound & Video License
  • Wireless Shure Hand Mic with Stand
  • Two ceiling-mounted P.A. Speakers
video and internet

Looking to take your production value to the next level? Check out our in-house video and multimedia equipment:


  • NEC NP-P502H 5000-Lumen Full HD DLP Projector
  • 4th Generation AppleTV
  • Multimedia Entertainment System
  • iMac with full QLab Sound & Video License
  • Private Hi-Speed Internet with WiFi



What is the payment schedule required of renters?

Payment schedules for production rentals are negotiable. We require the first installment being due when the contract is signed, but from there we are happy to split the balance up into multiple equal payments due at evenly-spaced intervals between the contract signing, and the production’s load-in date. The rent must be paid in full before the start of the production’s load-in.

Also, because we take the space off the market and turn down other paying offers for the dates agreed to once a contract is signed, there are no refunds, even if the production does not open, or if it cannot complete its full scheduled run.

Do you require a security deposit? If so, will you cash it or hold onto it? If it is refundable, what expectations must be met in order to receive the refund?

Yes, we do require a refundable security deposit of at least $250 for most rentals. The required deposit may be higher if it is determined that the production or elements of it bring a significant risk of damage or destruction to the space or its equipment.

The security deposit will be deposited into our savings account for the duration of the production’s run. If the space or its equipment are damaged during the production, the producer will be notified in writing of the amount of funds to be withheld from the deposit to cover the damages before any funds are claimed. If the cost of damages is greater than the deposit (or its remaining balance if there have been previous assessments), an additional security deposit may be required before the production is allowed to continue its run.

At the end of a production’s run, management and the producer shall perform an in-person walk-through and inspection of the space. If the space is left in satisfactory condition, then the managers will cut a check for the deposit in full at the end of the walk-through.

Assessments from the security deposit may be waived if the producer repairs any damages inflicted on the property or equipment (or replaces any damaged elements) to the satisfaction of the space’s management.

What insurance requirements do you have for renters?

StageCrafts L.L.C. requires all productions to have at least $2 million in General Liability Insurance Coverage. If a producer does not have that kind of coverage, they can purchase a rider and be added on to StageCrafts’ policy for $128.25 (due at least a week before the production’s load-in date). The coverage is good until mid-April each year, when StageCrafts’ master policy is renewed.

Also, while it is not required, we strongly recommend that non-profit producing entities also have Volunteer Accident Insurance to protect their artists and members.

What missteps or violations at the theater trigger a warning before incurring fines?

We try to be very laid back, friendly, and relatively hands-off landlords, but there are a few simple rules we ask our renters to follow. Failing to follow them will result in a written notification. Failing to follow them a second time may incur fines or other actions.

  • Failing to keep the various areas of the space clean and in usable shape for other renters. (2nd offense & beyond is $25 fine/instance, assessed from security deposit)
  • Leaving either air conditioner in the studio or the stage at studio/stage at the end of your rental. (2nd offense & beyond is $25 fine/instance, assessed from security deposit)
  • Leaving the dimmer pack on at the end of the night. (2nd offense & beyond is $25 fine/ offense, assessed from security deposit)
  • Leaving the space at the end of the night in a state that requires management to move, organize, or clean up a rental’s property or equipment so that other tenants may use the space. (2nd offense & beyond is $25 fine/ offense, assessed from security deposit)
  • Smoking on the property (including outside on the loading dock and in the back parking lot. (2nd offense & beyond is $25 fine/ offenses, assessed from security deposit)
  • Failing to comply with any other written notifications from the managers may result in penalties. These penalties will be spelled out clearly in said notifications.
What missteps or violations at the theater incur fines without warning?

In addition to the events listed above, some missteps will incur punitive action without warning. These missteps include, but are not limited to:

  • Rent payments made after their scheduled due date (as outlined in the rental contract) incur a $50 late fee.
  • Entering the space early, before your scheduled rental start time, or staying late beyond your scheduled end time will be subject to additional rental fees at a rate of at least $25/hr. (unless otherwise approved by management).
  • Failing to properly secure the building at the end of the night will incur a $50 fine, assessed from the security deposit. This means locking all doors, closing and locking the gate to the bay window in the studio, and closing the back parking lot gate. A second offense is a $100 fine. A third offense is immediate termination of contract and forfeiting the remaining balance of the security deposit. Furthermore, the rental will be held liable for any damage to the property or loss of equipment that may result from either location being left unsecured.
  • Failing to notify management about damage to the property or its equipment is a $50 fine, in addition to any assessment made to the security deposit to resolve the damage or loss.
  • Parking in, or obstructing, either of the two spaces in the back parking lot marked Snow Studios (our upstairs neighbors) may result in the vehicles being towed without warning.
  • Taking or using props, set pieces, equipment and/or other resources belonging to the management or other rentals without permission will result in an immediate $50 fine.
  • Renters are welcome to store food and beverages in our refrigerators at either property. However, all items stored in the refrigerator must be labeled with a name and date. Markers and labels are provided. Any unlabeled items will be thrown out immediately.
Are renters permitted to display signage at the theater? If so, where and under what parameters?

Not only are renters allowed to display signage at the theatre, but they’re encouraged to do so!

Productions are welcome to put postcards in our lobby, as well as mount posters on the inside the window to the studio. Productions running for at least two weeks are welcome to hang a banner in one of our two front Lobby windows (note, these are the windows flanking the front door; not the large bay window to the studio). These banners may be left in place for the duration of the production’s run. The recommended dimensions for these banners are 2′ x 8′. We require banners to be mounted using hooked suction cups provided by the venue to prevent potential damage to our windows.


Do you have a ground plan with stage dimensions?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we do! Actually, we have 3-dimensional renderings of our Los Angeles theatre rental facility, studio/stage in SketchUp format.

 studio/stage 3D rendered ground plan

Download SketchUp Viewer

Is there a standard plot in the air that we can use or augment?

Yes, studio/stage comes fully equipped with a default repertory light plot hanging in the air. You are welcome to modify it as you see fit, however, any and all modifications must be undone during strike, or a $500 fine will be levied if the management team must restore the plot themselves.

Is the air conditioner in good, working condition? How old is the unit? When was it last serviced?

studio/stage has a powerful central air system that can heat or cool the space to your desired temperature within minutes. A new motor was installed in 2017, and the system works perfectly.

Is the space handicap accessible?

studio/stage is an ADA-compliant venue. 

Is there a physical box office? If so, do renters have use of it? If there isn’t one or it is not available to renters, what box office setup is permitted for renters?

studio/stage does not feature a traditional Box Office window. However, most producers set their box office up either behind the rolling bar in The Studio, or behind the rolling bar in the lobby. 

What is stage floor made of and can it be used to anchor into?

The stage is made of 3’x8’x6" plywood platforms. Designers can anchor into the surface as long as any holes they create are repaired afterward. Also, renters can paint the floor for their productions, as long as it is restored to its default matte black at the completion of the rental.

Has the theatre been sound-proofed?

studio/stage features high-quality soundproofing in the walls and ceiling. The ceiling barriers are not perfect, however, as the soundproofing has been compromised at the hanging points for the lighting truss. 

What kinds of noise from outside the theatre is audible inside?

Only the loudest noises from outside (ambulance sirens, etc) can be heard inside the theater, and even then, they're mostly muffled. Sometimes it is possible to hear footsteps from the occupants in the art studio upstairs, but as the renters above don't tend to keep the same schedules as our productions and patrons, this tends to be a non-issue.

Is there a refrigerator and microwave accessible?

Yes, studio/stage has a full-sized refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. Renters may use them for food props, concessions, and hospitality, and/or cast and crew food. We do require that all food stored in the refrigerator has a label with a name and date written clearly on it (there are labels and markers provided nearby). Each Monday, any food stored in the refrigerator that doesn’t have a label will be discarded.


How often is the theatre cleaned?
The theatre is cleaned by the staff at least once a week. As this facility experiences a high volume of renters on a regular basis, we do require our rentals to contribute to the cleaning effort by empty the trash cans and replenishing any depleted paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) from our supply as they leave each day. Rentals are also required to clean up after themselves before they depart and restore the space to the state it was in upon their arrival or risk incurring a fine.
Do you provide bathroom supplies (hand soap, bathroom tissue, paper towels)?
Yes, we do provide paper hand towels, toilet paper, liquid hand soap, as well as cleaning supplies for the bathroom and kitchen.
Will we have access to dumpsters? How often are dumpsters emptied?
Yes, you will have access to the dumpster and recycling bins. They are located at the rear of the parking lot, next to the gate, and the trash is picked up every Tuesday afternoon.
Where are cleaning supplies located?
Cleaning supplies are located under the sink in the kitchen.
Do you have preferred vendors for emergencies (plumbing, leaks, etc.)?
Yes we do. Should you encounter a problem that requires the services of a plumber, electrician, etc. Please call Jenn or Greg immediately and they will coordinate repairs with the appropriate vendors.


Do you have an up-to-date inventory of lighting equipment?
Yes, we do, and it is listed on this page under the Lighting section of the "Features & Amenities" tab above.
Do you have an up-to-date inventory of sound equipment?
Yes, we do, and it is listed on this page under the Sound section of the "Features & Amenities" tab above.
Do you have an up-to-date inventory of video equipment?
Yes, we do, and it is listed on this page under the Video and Internet section of the "Features & Amenities" tab above.
Do you keep spare lamps on site for lighting instruments?
Yes, we do. They are stored under lock and key in the main office. Should you need to replace a lamp, please let management know at your earliest convenience.
Do you have a piano?
We do not have a piano. However, if anyone can point us in the direction of a good upright piano, we're interested in acquiring one.
Do you have wifi available for use?
Yes, rentals are welcome to use the wifi network named "studio/stage guest network." Password available upon request.


Can we build our set on-site? If so, are there restricted hours for noisy work?

Yes, you are welcome to build your set on site. There are no restrictions on noisy work (power tools, etc.) unless the art studio upstairs is occupied late at night. If it is, we ask that rentals are sensitive and respectful of their presence and keep noisy work to a minimum. Typically, the art studio is only occupied during normal business hours during the week, but they will occasionally work at the night on weekends there.

Are there tools and/or expendables available for use?

There are tools on-site that can be used with permission. The cases are secured and locked, and the tools are inventoried. Should any tools "mysteriously grow legs and walk away," the renter will be responsible for replacing them at their own expense.

Are we able to drill into walls and the floor of the theatre?

Rentals are welcome to drill into the stage floor, but we ask that the cyc wall not be drilled into unless absolutely necessary (and even then, permission must be obtained management prior to said drilling).

Are we permitted to paint the walls and stage floor?

Yes, rentals are welcome to paint the stage walls and floor. However, they must restore the cyc wall and floor to their default states as a part of their strike, using as many coats of paint as deemed necessary to adequately conceal any designs. The rental shall be expected to provide their own high-quality matte white and matte black paint to restore said surfaces. Should the surfaces not be repainted, the rental shall be charged $500 for the management to handle the restoration themselves.

What responsibilities are ours for strike? Yours? Shared?

It is the responsibility of the renter to restore the space back to its default state, including removing any additional equipment brought in, repainting any surfaces that were painted, returning any borrowed furnishings to their rightful place, etc.

It is the responsibility of the property manager to ensure this is carried out and completed in a satisfactory fashion via the post-strike walkthrough, and to provide necessary supplies like trash bags, rolls of toilet paper, etc.


Are there designated storage areas for set pieces and props offstage?

Yes, we have multiple spaces in the theater suitable for storing props, costumes, set pieces, and other production-related assets.

Do you provide costume racks and props tables?

Yes, we have multiple costume racks in each dressing room, and prop tables for each wing, plus a larger table suitable for deploying props in the kitchen behind the audience.


Will others have access to the space during our contract?

Yes. studio/stage is primarly a rental house with a wide variety of clients and events coming through every week. Some are regulars, others are short-term productions or one-offs. While all renters are contractually obligated to be respectful of others' sets/props/costumes/etc., we strongly recommend that all personal belongings and items of a valuable nature are taken with you at the end of each day of occupancy, or otherwise secured.

If the space is shared, can you provide a checklist of expectations for all parties?

Yes, and one is already posted on our office door, for everyone's reference.

Are we ever required to strike any part of our set for another event?

We will work with all renters to make sure that all events can coexist as best as possible with minimal impact on one another. Productions with large sets will be asked to keep all permanent fixtures upstage of the center line, and store any and all large movable items either in the wings or upstage of the center line while they are not occupying the space. This will allow classes, workshops, and other events enough room to use the space for their own purposes. Don't worry; the regulars are used to it.

Do we have complete control over the lighting plot?

Non-Fringe production rentals may rearrange the lighting as they see fit WITH THE CAVEAT that the new plot must be able to provide a general wash suitable for use by classes, workshops, and other events that may book in during the production's run.

Full documentation of the new plot must be provided to studio/stage management; a detailed magic sheet, plus details on any new instruments installed for the production.

Hollywood Fringe productions must use the default shared rep plot. They are allowed to request one special, but must understand going in that their request may be implemented in a fashion to benefit multiple productions as best as possible, or may not be able to be honored at all.

Will our plot remain untouched by other events using the theatre?

Yes, your plot will remain untouched during the run of a show unless absolutely necessary. Any temporary changes will be made with the foreknowledge of the production's stage manager and lighting designer and restored immediately under the guidance of studio/stage management.




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520 N. Western Ave.
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520 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA

events | rentals

520 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(323) 591-4849


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